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Entic Solutions | BITS™

Superior intelligence and peak performance

Our proprietary cloud-based Analytics Solution, called BITS™ (building intelligence technology solution) reads data from a building's management system and uses comprehensive mathematical models to process thousands of data points and operational variables in real-time via a secure Internet connection. BITS uses predictive analytics at the energy consumption level to calculate annual energy savings, measure achievable peak performance, monitor a plant's health and efficiency, detect issues, and generate alerts.


Our approach to peak performance is holistic and draws upon a deep understanding of mechanical engineering, controls, software and analytics – valuable knowledge built right into our solutions.

Achievable peak performance

After assessing a building's current design and efficiency, we're able to estimate a plant's achievable peak performance and calculate annual energy savings.

Benchmarking and trends

Thanks to our solution's built-in intelligence, our customers are able to see how they compare relative to buildings like theirs and track efficiency trends over time.

Plant health and efficiency

Our 24/7 monitoring and interactive dashboards provide building engineers and facilities managers with greater control and visibility over their sites, helping them reduce occupant complaints, improve troubleshooting, and better manage vendors and sub-contractors.

Predictive alerting

BITS is able to identify inefficiency patterns and anomalies in energy performance and notify users based on a set of built-in fault detection requirements, allowing them to catch and diagnose problems before they become costly and to ensure potential savings are not lost when changes are made.